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What I have done so far.....

Retro Style Space Shooter
Developer, (Jun 2018-Jul 2018)
Javascript, p5.js

Simple retro style space shooter. Made as a sample project by yours truly, during my talk at HTML5 game development at Voyager Inc. last June 23, 2018.

Developer, (May 2018-Jun 2018)
Node.js, Javascript

Onecompileman-jenkins-ng-lint-report is a Node.js CLI library for Angular that converts ng-lint JSON file to HTML generated after linting the Angular project:

Developer, (May 2018-Jul 2018)
Node.js, Javascript

Onecompileman-angular4-cli is a Node.js CLI library for Angular that converts OAS or Open Api Specification JSON file generated by an API which has Swagger Integration into: Models - Typescript class that defines structure of object. Services - Asynchronous services that make requests to API endpoints (using [ngx-restangular])